…or perhaps a lover

Yesterday I suggested that I might take a Machiavellian approach to dating to enlist some help for necessary home repairs. Today, I’m considering being a little more forthcoming about my desired exchange. I’m thinking about taking a lover.

Let me explain:  I had the kind of week last week that highlighted yet another opportunity for healing and growth — i.e. more baggage. I’ve spotted a pattern and, when it rears its ugly head, I question my readiness to engage in a healthy adult relationship. I think a little more self work would result in a healthier me, my being attractive to healthier potential partners and, ultimately, a healthier relationship.

So perhaps I should focus on my own priorities for a while and, rather than open myself to the prospect of a relationship, simply seek sex…

7 thoughts on “…or perhaps a lover

    1. Hmmm…interesting response. I guess I never thought of entering into a mutually satisfying physical relationship with someone as degrading myself, although I can imagine scenarios where that would be the case…

      1. Sorry if I was a bit out of line. I just can’t disconnect the two — in order for a satisfying physical relationship (for me anyways) there has to be a satisfying emotional relationship as well…

      2. That’s not out of line at all! I’ve always been the same way…but I’m starting to gain a slightly different perspective as I get older. I think it is possible for two people to care about each other, enjoy each other physically, be emotionally supportive and still know that she or he is not the one. As long as everyone’s honest, I think it can work for awhile.

      3. It’s the “awhile’ part that gets me.. – someone will want it to end before the other — which most likely will bring the same pain as if it were a “normal” relationship. Or, I imagine a scenerio in which one person finally meets their “soul mate” or someone they fall in love with — the friendship with the other person would have to stop. At least in my opinion. If it was mainly physical I would never be comfortable with the person I love hanging out with them… sorry, just “speaking my mind”….

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