my foolish stars

I have a horoscope app on my mobile device. I don’t take it too seriously, of course, but am open to an awareness of the energy potentials or influences of the moment.

Lately, however, my app seems to be mocking me. On a nearly daily basis since around the first of this year, it assures me that I am on-fire attractive, either enjoying better-than-ever chemistry with my mate or that I’m bound to meet the love of my life in the produce aisle or on other errands. There we’ll be, examining the avocados, when we each happen to reach for the same specimen, our hands touch, our eyes lock, and we recognize instantly, in that moment, that we are destined to be together.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t say it’s ever happened to me quite that way…

You’ll recall that my love life these past couple of weeks has not been rosy. And, while I was hurt, angry, then glum for a streak of days, I am once again hopeful and open to whatever romantic possibilities might enter stage left (or right, for that matter).

Oh, that my chart and my reality would align. Meanwhile, my best course of action is to delete this sneering app!

2 thoughts on “my foolish stars

  1. Ah see I have a horoscope app on my phone and recently, it’s been spookily correct about most things….. Like totally correct. It’s freaking me out. Maybe I just turn it around so that it matches whatever is going on in my life at the time? Do you believe in the horoscopes?

    1. Like taking a Myers Briggs test or having one’s tarot read, I believe astrology can give us an additional layer of insight or way of understanding ourselves. In many cases, I find the tendencies of a particular sun sign play out in the long run, although there are certainly the energetic influences of other planets in one’s chart.

      To summarize, yes, I find horoscopes sometimes useful …but they don’t always paint a full or accurate picture. I’m glad there’s romance, love and chemistry energy out there for me. I’ll put on a smile and flirt with as many attractive men as I can!

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