weird conversations

I’ve had no shortage of weird conversations lately. Let’s review:

  • I told one gentleman that we should no longer see each other because, after five or six dates, I had no desire to take him home, rip off his clothes and make homemade pornos with him.
  • I told another that I thought I might be too mainstream for his weird idiosyncrasies, which included writing historical epic poetry and translating Dante from Latin because he was dissatisfied with all the other translations he’d found.
  • My children are reaching an age at which I am constantly answering new questions or having new, carefully phrased yet entirely transparent conversations. Tonight I had the pleasure of explaining condoms and, in the process, erections.

And, now, I’m planning a conversation with a casual friend to determine whether we should engage in carnal pleasures with one another. (Just for the record, I’m leaning toward yes. I mean, why have the conversation otherwise, right?!)

So what does a conversation like this entail? To be honest, I’ve never really had a chat quite like this before. But here’s what I’m thinking we’ll need to cover:

  • State of the state:  are we both approaching this conversation with similar perspectives, expectations, boundaries, etc.?
  • Desire:  are we both equally eager to get naked and rub up against one another? what might we want to try / do / explore?
  • Safety:  sexual histories, date and outcome of last STD screen, plans for protection, etc.

I confess I’m nervous and excited about this upcoming chat…because this is one of those guys with whom I could get excited about making homemade pornos. So cross fingers and wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “weird conversations

  1. Hope the conversation is to both of your liking and you’ll both be making homemade pornos soon!! 🙂

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