I admit it; I don’t know the rules

I’ve never been a Rules girl. Perhaps this has been the source of some of my relationships problems, perhaps I need to study up. But I am learning a thing or two.

Here’s where I’m at:

  • I’m not going to chase a man again. Ever. I’ll let him know I’m interested and let him take the lead. If he wants to see me, he’ll find a way.
  • This doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally reach out if I see something relevant to a conversation we had. I’m not an automaton.
  • I’m dating around, not falling easily into exclusivity. It’s already helped me gain more clarity. I expect the same from the men I date — they’d better be seeing other people! If he ultimately chooses me, I want it to have been an informed choice.
  • Meanwhile, I’m going to be absolutely clear about what I want. That way, if we’re not on the same page, he can opt out early and save us both some misery.
  • This clarity can have an added benefit:  he quickly learns how I expect to be treated.
Am I on the right track? Recommendations? Resources? I’d love to know what you think.

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