my nanny confession

I seem to be on a roll lately, so why not keep the personal revelations coming…

I didn’t like having a nanny. I thought I would LOVE having a nanny…but I didn’t even like it. I like dropping off my children and picking them up and, even if it can get stressful trying to make sure we’re running out the door on time with everything they need for their day (and, laughingly, it’s enough of a challenge ensuring I leave the house with everything I need) and then picking them up on time, I still arrive home each evening to a house looking just the way I left it.

I started this post one day when I’d arrived home to see that the kitchen floor looked a little glossy. And then, as I walked across it, it felt a little sticky. When I asked the children if someone had spilled something, the nanny fessed up that she had. She did clean it up, but not very well. I spent part of my evening mopping the floor, which is pretty much the last thing I wanted to do with my evening.

Further, on top of what I pay her, I need to leave money for a treat or an outing or something so they don’t have to be bored with each other and sitting around the house. So, while money’s tight, I’m shelling out another $20 a day so my children can enjoy a day at the pool or go for ice cream.

When I was younger, it was part of the babysitter role to clean up, wash the dishes, etc. And you were expected to entertain or make do with the resources available (which pretty much meant anything free within walking distance). Apparently that’s no so anymore…

But the children had a happy summer and felt loved. Who am I to argue with that?!

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