I am a forty-something single parent, a longtime breadwinner in search of fulfillment, a homeowner and a woman in search of balance. When I started writing this blog, I was recently divorced and on the verge of leaving a stressful and family-unfriendly work environment.

The musings herein are parts blog, memoir, fact, fiction and, in all likelihood, flawed memories. Some entries are written in the present; others have been taken from journal entries over the past few years, when I first realized my relationship was well and truly doomed. I am likely to jump around a bit.

I hope to offer an unflinching look at my own experience, meanwhile examining some of the common topics that divorce and starting to date again inevitably bring up. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. And the guilty. If it seems I’m being coy, it’s because I have children of an impressionable age and with online access, as well as other loved ones, to consider.

I’m not here to offer legal or relationship advice. But I am hoping to connect and dialogue with others with whom my story resonates.

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