what goes unsaid

As I’ve mentioned, my ex boyfriend and I have been a bit chatty lately, occasionally meeting for coffee and such. It’s certainly pleasant to reconnect, but there’s more:  hearing his voice, spending time with him — it does send my imagination to spinning.

Probably he senses this:  after all, he’s a smart man. And so he goes on, telling me of his happy new relationship — the milestones, the shared experiences, how crazy she is for him…

The one thing he’s failed to express is how crazy he is for her.

Do you reckon that’s to spare my feelings? Or for some other reason…?

3 thoughts on “what goes unsaid

    1. Fair question: We had a wonderful relationship, which ended tenderly and respectfully; we had a great time in the bedroom; we had a lot of fun and laughed a lot; and we’re both in much different places than we were while we were together — I’ve got a lot more love to give, and he’s like a whole new man.

      Ultimately, I suspect nothing will come of it…but it’s fun to let the mind wander a bit.

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