four dudes in four days

So today I enjoyed lunch at an ethnic bistro tucked away in a part of town I don’t normally get to. “Why?”

Because I was on my fourth first date in as many days.

Here’s a summary:

  • At least three of these four gents were better company than the two I met on my last footloose and fancy-free weekend.
  • Two of four share the sun sign Aquarius (who are supposed to make a good match for this Libra); the others were a Scorpio and Virgo (not so likely to be good mates for me).
  • In no particular order:  lawyer, artist, IT, civil service.
  • I enjoyed coffee (iced tea, actually) and a (very hot and humid) walk; musical theatre and sushi; upscale fusion bistro (small plates with sparkling wine); and today’s ethnic lunch.
  • One of the gentlemen arrived with a gift — a book related to the subject of a conversation we’d had. He later complimented me on my hair and my engaging conversation.
  • One guy was from out-of-town. He was traveling for some creative work and proved far cuter and far more engaging than his profile might have suggested. Glad I took a chance to meet him, but didn’t get too caught up, as he leaves town later this week. Still, nice lips.
  • One of the fellows confessed to having listed his $60k income because, he explained, “since it’s not very much, I want to be really up front about it.” Admirable reasoning, I thought. And he seems genuinely passionate about his work for the greater good.
  • One of the fellows was more stifled that the others, and I couldn’t figure out whether his obscure interests were a merely result of having worked hard at being different from everyone else or if they had somehow (how?!) evolved more naturally.
  • I can’t figure out if one of them is merely looking for a beard…

At any rate, here are some self observations:

  • I must be relaxing and getting good at this, because everyone I meet seems to want to see me again.
  • I’m attracting men who are within the range of what I’d call “intellectual equals.” (Thank heavens, after so many conversations that went nowhere last summer.)
  • Most are even better looking than their profile pictures — a pleasant discovery.
  • I’m having fun!
  • I’m not feeling raging chemistry for any of them, but could rank them if pressed. I’m willing to give it time and see if something develops (but I know that, for one at least, it won’t).
  • It’s sort of exhausting.

In any case, I’d better rest up (and save my pocket change for the sitter) — on my next available weekend, I’m going to be dripping in dates!

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