my night out with Chi-guy (part 6)

About seven months ago…

Prior to this very day, I had never spent more than 45 minutes at a time with Chi-guy. And now we’d spent the better part of the day together. I felt relaxed in his company, yet still had the butterflies of attraction flitting about my stomach.

We had decided to go to an Asian fusion place for dinner. He would pick me up. At 7:30pm, I went down to the hotel lobby to meet him. I wore a relaxed dress that showed off my cleavage, long legs and narrow waist. It was unseasonably cool, so I brought a wrap. I stepped outside to see whether I’d be comfortable and then went back into the lobby.

“Wow! I look amazing!” the incoming text from him read. A quick follow-up said: “U, I meant u.”

A moment later he popped into the lobby, greeted me with a hug and kiss, said, “You look great! Did you get my text? The i and the u are too close together.” We laughed. It seemed like a promising beginning to our night.

Chi-guy continued to wow me with his immaculate manners as we left the hotel lobby through a revolving door, got into his car, parked, went into the restaurant and enjoyed our meal. Something about being with him gave me a wildly feminine feeling. Again, our conversation was pleasant and easy, but there were a few moments of discord:

  • He asked if I ever go by a nickname, as my three-syllable name was too long or didn’t roll off his tongue or something. This, from a man who has always referred to his ex-wife and daughter by their full, three-syllable names. I’m sure my expression went dark as I answered in the negative and said that I prefer my given name. (Though I might be open to a pet name in the future…)
  • He shared two different parenting stories that made me wonder if he was as adept a father as I might have given him credit for. Whatever the case, he was clearly trying his best to do what was right. Which is easily as good as I can say for myself.
  • He asked me what I would be looking for in a man and relationship. Without hesitation, I answered, “Eventually, a provider and father for my children.” While surely this over-simplifies the long list of what I’d like to find in a mate, he sat back in his chair as though the force of my words had blown him backward.

None of these moments caused lingering awkwardness or discomfort, it seemed to me. We were simply in the early stages of getting to know each other. By dessert, we seemed to be back on track, sharing my Creme Brule. Besides, we didn’t have to be completely agreeable in every way to…well, you know.

I’m pretty good at manifesting what I want. And I was so far down the physical path in my mind that I could hardly wait to get my hands all over this guy! But I am, first and foremost, a dignified lady. He knew I was game; all he had to do was make a move.

I picked up the check and we went back out to the car…


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