positive progress

It’s been almost a week since I “left the building.” Having found my former work environment somewhat stressful, I’ve noticed and actually started writing down some of the changes.

Since I quit my job, I’ve begun:

  • sleeping through the night (without waking at 4am with racing thoughts)
  • having more frequent bowel movements
  • desiring healthier foods (and not craving unhealthy foods)
  • drinking green tea (rather than lattes)
  • feeling more energetic

People around me have been asking if I’ve lost weight (does 3 lbs. count?), or done something different with my hair or fallen in love — apparently the twinkle is back in my eyes. And my chiropractor found me much easier to adjust than previously.

So even though I know it was crazy, and there’s still a part of me that feels tremendous fear about not knowing what’s next, I feel confident that I made the right choice for me!

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