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ready for love?

Did you watch Ready for Love this evening? Of course I did, of course I was curious. (Furthermore, I hereby confess to watching (though not religiously) The Bachelor and The Bachelorette…)

I want to learn everything I can from these matchmakers!

So far I’ve got:

  • don’t tell a guy you have a list
  • don’t say “fart”
  • don’t advertise your insecurities or introduce doubt

All solid advice, I’d say. And I think I can safely add:  wait until you’re really in a comfortable relationship before telling a guy you blog about dating.

My wish is that someone would go out on a limb and do one of these dating shows with middle-aged, average looking, average-bodied divorcees. Sure, everyone loves watching the young and beautiful people — and there’s no doubt they have just as tough a time as the rest of us when it comes to finding a mate — but viewers also respond to real people with real lives and real flaws. Just watch one of those weight loss or hoarder shows…if there weren’t an audience for these shows, they wouldn’t be on television.

Would I go on it? Heck no! I’m simply a much more private person than that…but even if it might be kind of stressful, I do like the thought of several guys vying for my attention.

If you tuned in, let me know what you think in the comments.