another online departure

I’ve taken a break from the online thing again…I just stopped checking messages and became bored with it. Further, I wasn’t the new girl any longer. The quality of attention had gone downhill.

Still, out of curiosity, I took a last glance at my top matches before departing, digging a little deeper where I found a fellow interesting. One of those who at first appeared to be a strong match answered some questions about sex this way:

Have you ever had sex with someone within an hour of meeting them?

His answer:  Yes.

Would you ever consider sleeping with someone on a first date?

His answer:  Yes.

Would you still be able to respect someone after sleeping with him or her on the first date?

His answer:  No.

Do you prefer that you or your partner be more dominant?

His answer:  Partner.

I’ve seen red flags before — and sometimes I’ve met men whose questionable or contradictory answers have had perfectly reasonable explanations. Many times, the questions have enough answers so that one or more seems to fit and the answer really depends on one’s mood or perception of the question at the moment.

Still, I looked at this series of questions — and there may have been more of them interspersed that didn’t stand out to me in the same way these three did — and I thought, “Okay. I’m out.” And then I removed my account.

How would you interpret these questions all answered by a single person? Does anyone else read hypocrite written between the lines?

One thought on “another online departure

  1. I would describe those answers as HONEST and what I would expect most guys would say IF they could really fess up to the truth. Sure, most guys will jump at free sex if its offered up on a platter. No, that same guy would not respect that same woman the next morning (and why should he?). Quite frankly, as a woman myself, I wouldn’t think much of her either, unless she’s just in it for the sex herself (which I say “go for it!” if it’s safe/clean). If the quick romp is all she’s looking for then theoretically she’s not in it to be respected anyway. If she’s looking for respect and a relationship, don’t sleep with a guy you just met an hour ago and/or on the first date! And as for the female dominant thing, I think that’s probably one of the most common male fantasies out there. So my advice: if you are looking for a relationship, don’t sleep with the guy within an hour or on a first date….wait for a few dates at least to get to know him better. Once the relationship is solid, share all the sexual fantasies you want…if he likes to be submissive why not take the reigns once in awhile? He’ll still respect her in the morning if the foundation of the relationship is already there.

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