the bold new fantasy

Several months ago, the type of fantasies I entertained were those that usually included a strong and (physically) passionate man who couldn’t wait to ravage me…up against a wall, on a kitchen island, etc. These fantasies were fast, rough and entirely physical and can easily be described with “Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma’am!”

Now, my mind wanders instead to visions of…(insert dramatic pause)… Being spooned! Cuddling in bed watching Friday Night Lights reruns! Slow dancing! Preparing dinner together after work! Waking up together!

In other words, I find I’m very desirous of the mundane, intimate behaviors that couples share. I lust for a closeness that goes beyond sex, beyond simply liking someone. I long to be back in that yummy relationship place in which closeness is a given and anything can be expressed and received with complete assurance of emotional safety.

Funny thing is, one of the guys I’m fantasizing about these days is someone about whom I fantasized in a much racier fashion two seasons ago. And I’m dying to learn whether he’s as versatile as my imagination makes him out to be…

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