a different tune

It’s interesting how completely different the messages I’m getting from my current beau are from the ones I received from my ex.

I hear:  “You’re a really good communicator” and “You’ve got to tell me what you want, Lady!”

This sort of feedback is so completely refreshing after a few years of tension, silence and walking on eggshells! So…is it me who’s different? Or is it that these men are so completely different? Or is it that we create each other in relationships?

5 thoughts on “a different tune

  1. oh, yes, I like the way you said that last line, we create each other in relationships. My ex brought out the most horrible parts of me. I hated who I was when we were together. Other relationships have brought out the exact opposite traits. I am patient, passionate, forgiving with others where I just couldn’t give him one more ounce of those things.

  2. Sometimes we’re better with someone else. Ya know? I know for myself there are some people I can’t talk to, yet others it’s like a breeze. It’s nice because in your case you seem to have met someone who appreciates YOU … that’s awesome. I’m totally happy for you too. 🙂

    I guess I”m saying, why ask why. This is great!

  3. I like your post. My tall person wrote this poem a long time ago and put my name in it. If you like it you can put your name in it. It is called ‘I am Bassa’.

    I am Bassa,
    There is only one of me.

    I am the sum of everything
    And everyone,
    Of every moment in my life
    And every moment yet to come.

    Each day I change
    In some small way

    And I accept that things will change
    And I will never be afraid.

    I know that clouds give way
    To sunshine.

    I know that pain will pass.

    I know that love will change me
    And will guide me safely
    To my destiny.

    I am Bassa,
    There is only one of me.

    I am on a journey
    That will change me.

    I will walk with those who care
    And leave behind the others.

    I will choose what I take with me.

    I will never be afraid.

    I know that love sustains me
    And I will never be alone.

    I know that love will hold my hand
    And bring me safely home.

    I am Bassa,
    There is only one of me.

  4. I don’t know the whole back story regarding you and your ex. However, I do know this. If he was emotionally and verbally abusive, there is nothing you could have done right. Every action, move, comment would have triggered his anger. Glad you’re meeting some nice guys.

  5. It has to do with you I think. You have evolved as a person before my eyes with this blog . You have changed and how people relate to you has changed..;) I’m so happy for you.. Go 40 Lady!!!

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