put on “keep warm” status

Guys do this to us. They stay in contact, loosely, leaving us on the back burner and checking in every so often, just to make sure we’re still “warm.”

Heck, I’m pretty sure you could characterize more-like-it‘s behavior toward me this way… For awhile, he’d reach out once every week or two just to say “hey,” sometimes to say something suggestive, but not ever to take action. I liked him, still do…but it was infuriating. Infuriating because I wanted him to call and say, “Hey, when can I see you?” or something much more forward.

Some girlfriends and I sat on a patio with cocktails one evening chatting about this “keep warm” thing men do to us. And here’s what we concluded: Why shouldn’t we do it to them?

6 thoughts on “put on “keep warm” status

  1. Been there, done that, only works until they think they have you right back where they want you. It’s all part of their game, the thrill of the chase. And who knows just how many back burners he may have?

    I’d say if he’s obviously not into you enough to make you his priority then he’s nowhere near worthy enough to occupy a spot on your precious back burner!

  2. Why play games at all? Tell the guy it’s not working for you and you’re looking for someone who is more available. If he goes, he wasn’t serious and you’ll know. If he steps it up you’ll have an answer.

  3. Yes.. Women do this too.I has a female that called them her backburners. If she ended a relationship she always had one ready to take the place of the old. Not healthy and not good. She let old her pots boil over at the same time and talk about a mess. I knew she was in love and had learned her lesson when she stopped having a backburner relationship.

    Somethings it’s because they have a relationship going and they just want to see if you would be interested when they are available. Not the kind of man you should waste time on..;) They are playing with you. This is just my opinion ..lol

  4. Oh Yes! I’ve been kept warm! Hadn’t been able to put a name to it!. Forty. I am going to book mark this blog and come back for bedtime reading this weekend. Fantastic. Funny and True

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