bad breakup? vent online

So I’ve just discovered an entirely niche genre of website, which is absolutely new to me. Their URLs provide as good a description as I might be able to conjure:

And there are even several Facebook groups with similar names and purposes.

The take-away is that, if you’ve dated a con artist or dirtbag, you’re no longer limited to venting to family and friends — you can now virtually tell the entire world. The downside, I suppose, is that most relationship stories have two sides and just one of them could ruin the other’s reputation.

I discovered these sites while looking into this fellow several days ago now. I’m delighted to report that he didn’t make any of the lists. And I enjoyed a lovely evening under the stars with him last night.

One thought on “bad breakup? vent online

  1. glad he didn’t make the list and you had a good time!!!!! Every relationship does have 2 sides either he’s a very bad guy or the woman is crazy to spend that much effort bashing. LOL scarey thought either way..;)

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