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As I mentioned earlier, I took my profile down from the online dating site I’d been on. Sifting through the matches they sent me and the people who initiated conversations was just too much work for the few in-person meetings I ended up going on. And then, of those fellas I met in person, I enjoyed myself enough to agree to see a few again…but, truly, there was only one who interested me enough to be genuinely excited to see again.

Whew, it was all so exhausting! And I just don’t want to have to work this hard at dating right now. I’d love to fall naturally into something casual, if I could find the right fellow. I’d simply like to have someone who’s company I enjoy, with whom I could go out and have fun, talk, laugh and touch. You wouldn’t think it would be so difficult…

Meanwhile, a friend and I decided to try out, the site for couples in a relationship. While this is such a great idea, it didn’t quite live up to the promise. First, the site was buggy and didn’t display correctly with any of my browsers. (As someone not particularly tech savvy, I much prefer the ease of use I’ve experienced at or the dating site I’ll tell you about later.) I loved and hated the Love Zones questionnaire — it was difficult for me to make choices the way they had it set up. Basically, there was a list of I can’t recall how many actions or qualities you’d want in a relationship, and you had to select three “least important” and three “most important.” The exercise was thoughtful and provided good results, but I struggled to choose three least important things from a list of desirable qualities or actions — especially if I thought about the questions in the context of my ambiguous relationship with the fellow who’d joined me in signing up. I think we were both most interested in the Trading Post, yet we agreed it was lackluster and not intuitive to use. So we’re off… I know Tokii has already made navigation improvements and such, and I hope the site becomes more intuitive and is truly useful to real live couples, because it is a great idea!

Also, I’ve heard of some new online dating platforms and decided to check one out. It’s called How About We… you post a brief profile and then suggest a fun date. Others can respond to you based on whether they think your date idea is fun. And I think that’s cool. Ideally, you’ll find people who share your idea of a good time. The challenges with this are that there are still very few users in my part of the world and that, yes, once you get sucked into adding a date idea, photo and brief profile, you’re asked to sign up for a subscription to actually communicate. I should have expected this, as it is the model of and the other traditional sites, yet I was hoping it would not be so.

So who has time for all this? I’m busy being fabulous, having a fabulous life and being a great mother! Someday or another I’d love to date…someday when I can devote the effort required.

3 thoughts on “the online thing

  1. “I’m busy being fabulous, having a fabulous life and being a great mother!” I’m not a mother, just 23 and chose to be single, but understand where you are at. Learning to really love and enjoy life is something many around the world sadly have never reached or will reach. I have been on those dating sites too and it was too much. I’m glad you are so positive!

  2. I agree and just posted an entry about online dating … I feel like it’s just too much work. Feel free to post any comments you may have on this topic on my page. Perhaps, you can give me some insight!

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for trying out Tokii, and we love getting feedback! I hope you do not give up on Tokii as we are making many improvements- we are designing the additional quizzes to be easier for selection of answers. The trading post is going through a redesign in the fall and we are launching a new product called discovery games in about 2 weeks and we would love your feedback on the new product. we launched mid March so we are learning alot from people like you! and appreciate you testing us:)

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