what I want right now

I want to meet someone fun, who I look forward to seeing on a weekend.

I want to dress up and go out and be told I’m pretty.

I want to meet someone adventurous, who likes to be active, to cook, to eat, to talk, to enjoy life.

I want to share all the passion and intensity and laziness and closeness I can muster.

I want to discover amazing new sensations all over and inside my brain and heart and body.

2 thoughts on “what I want right now

  1. Dear failedatforty, I just randomly happened to come across this blog, and then this post, which summarises exactly how I feel at this point of my life. Except that I am 20. 🙂 Your blog is great!

    1. Thank you! You should totally check out my friend’s 20-Nothings blog — I’ve got a link on my page. Lots of similar discussion, more analysis and none of the post-divorce BS!

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