do men notice or appreciate toe cleavage?

It was only a few months ago that I first heard of toe cleavage…and I thought, “is that really a thing?”

So when some girlfriends recently commented on a cute pair of shoes that highlighted my toe cleavage, I thought about it again: Do men really notice this sort of thing? And, if they do, do they find it sexy?

So my curiosity led me to take an informal poll among the few men who are regularly a part of my ongoing male-female relationship dynamic conversation. Here are their responses:

  • The lobbyist:  “No and definitely not.” Further inquiry / pushing the issue led to “Yuk!”
  • Chi-guy:  “No and no. I like that you are secure enough to talk about your totally weird foot fetish.” Followed by, “Actual cleavage is often noticed… Anyway, I notice kindness.” And later, “I’ll suck your toes while you whisper kind things…”
  • more-like-it:  “I enjoy nice feet… Love to massage them…” followed by a very graphic description of a sexual position / activity to which I could only reply, “You’re naughty!”
  • By far the best response came from the guy in the cubicle next to me who I clearly should not have even asked (Hello HR!), but did:  He nodded thoughtfully and said ever so diplomatically, “Mm-hmm. Different guys notice different aspects of a woman’s appearance to different degrees. Some guys are going to be in to feet, some are more in to other things.”

For the record, I don’t have a foot fetish myself. I’m just not grossed out by feet (as long as a certain level of hygiene is employed), and I appreciate having my own feet enjoyed. I take care to keep them looking nice, and I like having them rubbed, and I think it’s lovely when a man isn’t afraid to pay a little attention to the lowly feet and toes as a part of physical intimacy.

So, there you have it. There are men who are completely foot-phobic. And, while it’s a little, simple thing, this whole discussion clearly illustrates that the kind of guy who is grossed out by feet is not the guy for me.

5 thoughts on “do men notice or appreciate toe cleavage?

  1. Since I read all of your stuff, it is important I give you some reader feedback…

    I am a guy that generally does not do feet… I will, however on occasion swallow my pride and rub my girl’s feet if she simply hints about it. Sometimes the satisfaction of the moment is not about me, it’s always about “her”…

    I would do nearly anything to make my girl happy…it is in the books as law to me since I would not date a girl who wouldn’t look at me and my needs as a moutain she simply “must climb”.

    to get love you must give love…even at the expense of dealing with feet…”proper hygiene” included…


    1. Oh, T, you crack me up! You’re always talking from both sides of your mouth — either you’re in to making your woman happy and loving the whole of her or not. It’s so easy! Thanks, as always, for checking in! xo

  2. As a girl is sexually intune with her little piggies, let me say, that I love the “head to toe” examination that can be delivered from a man from across a crowded room. He is far more likely to get (and keep) my attention if he comments on my feet before my rack.

  3. Just discovered your blog…

    Thought you may want another mans perspective….toe cleavage is great..very very sexy in my opinion. So if you are rocking some heels or shoes that have your pretty little toes peaking through in the form of cleavage..then keep it up!

    I mean, you can’t not notice it..I always look up and down at a woman and it is very nice to see nice shoes and feet at the bottom end there…I don’t know its just attractive. I kinda like appreciating stuff besides the obvious.

  4. I thought that I would add my 2 pennies worth :-). In my opinion I like a woman who makes an effort in her appearance generally. I think that if a woman has toe cleavage and well manicured and painted toes then a) why not show them off, b) it shows that the lady likes to take care of herself which is always a turn on. Personally I think womens feet are quite sexy although I don’t have a foot fetish. Peep toe, slingback and sandals high heels are obviously designed to show off womens feet and therefore if they are well presented they should be appreciated!

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