musings about Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this weekend. The children will be with their father (until I choose to pick them up); my mother and aunt will be crowded in to my grandmother’s assisted living space, so I am imagining how I might like to spend this special Sunday morning by myself.

Ideally, I would receive flowers. Tulips, perhaps, something seasonable and bright, not too fussy. And I’d grab a latte to go and walk around one of the urban lakes with a friend. Of course, all my friends are likely to be either with their own children or with their mothers, so I’m not entirely convinced this plan will work. (When they’re older, I shall anticipate spa services.)

Might be nice if that friend who gave me flowers and took me for a walk were a gentleman…

Just sayin’.

One thought on “musings about Mother’s Day

  1. Have a happy mother’s day, whatever you do 🙂 You know? Maybe go spend it with, Mom, grandma and your aunt? Or enjoy a quiet day to yourself… I keep forgetting it’s mother’s day this weekend. I have to remember to call my friend and say Happy Mother’s day… yeesh, I’m horrible with holidays.

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